Hi, I'm Dr. Wajid Khan

a Search geek

a Wizard of Data

AI & Web 3.0

From London, UK.

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Hi, I'm Wajid Khan

As an inquisitive person, I am passionate about discovering one-of-a-kind digital brands. I take pride in creating assets that will be useful for years to come. I see myself as a digital gardener who understands all the seasons and knows precisely what is needed to bring dead soil back to life.

An internet search expert who understands how to use AI, data, and analytics can benefit any business by helping them navigate the complex digital landscape.


Wajid Khan

Date of birth:

JULY, 1983


London & Islamabad.

What can I Do For You & Your Business?

How I can make your next project a success?

Person-to-Person (1-to-1) Services

Person-to-Business (1-to-many) Services

Professional Experience & Education


My Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Visualisation & Data

Bedfordshire University / 2010 - 2014

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Information Visualisation and Data Analysis Using Mash-up Systems - United Kingdom.

Master's Degree, (MSc) Computer and Internet Application

Bedfordshire University / 2007 - 2008

The university hired me as a direct result of my master's thesis. I worked on developing UK's first automated private book and pay-and-bid platform.

Bachelor of Science (Hons), Information Technology

University of Peshawar / 2002 - 2006

Institute of Business Management and Sciences, Pakistan.

My Work

Data Growth & Search Expert

Over 1.5 million Search conversions.

Google Eco Systems Expert.

Digital Publisher

Dribbble Inc / 2018 - 2020

Content driven 100K unique visitors a day traffic generated/generating.

Business & Academic Podcast

In-House 3 x AI-driven fully equipped Podcast Studios / 2022 - Present

I help startup founders to express feelings through their business.

I am good with...

Modern Podcasting 100%

Digital Growth 100%

Search (Traffic) 100%

Everything Digital 100%

Funding & Pitch Decks 95%

Publishing 90%

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Founding Director

Showcasing for your inspiration.

Swift Grants Founder Dr Wajid Khan UK Information + Data.

UK Trademark Registered Start-up 2017-2022
Dr Wajid Khan Founder @GBC

Global Blockchain Consortium
Blockchain and Web 3.0 Community
Caspia Research in Web Founder Dr Wajid Khan UK

Caspia Research In Web
Everything software and data company
Founder Dr Wajid Khan @ Digital Growth Agency

Digital Growth Agency
Founder of Let's think healthy

E-Commerce Auto-Pilot Digital Asset

I will help you increase search results, furthering your business and digital profile.

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My minimum engagement (project) fee is £10,000 (pound sterling). If your project's budget falls below this amount, I cannot help you at this time. Plenty of other resources are available on platforms like Fiver and Upwork for projects with low budgets. *Project duration may vary 3-12 months.

To ensure that I deliver the best results for my clients, I ask them to list their primary concerns in a one-page project description during the onboarding process. Please send me your one page today for a free and nonbinding astonishing review at me@wajidkhan.info. I will make it easier for you to work with me.

England & Wales registered entity used - Please refer to your invoice.

If you need help finding a solution to your digital problem after trying everything else on the internet, come to my clinic. If you receive a prescription, it will work like a light.

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I follow-up every human-generated enquiry.

We become more intelligent by working with others and learning from firsthand experience.

Based In:

Enterprise House,
Newtown Road,
United Kingdom


+44 20 3369 2018

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